International Summer School on Glacial Megaflood Landforms and Sediments


All abstracts are submitted via an online submission system. Abstract Guidelines structure: single-page abstract no longer than 400 words of text (excluding title, authors and institutions or affiliations, and references), written in Calibri size 10, left aligned, and a 10 point line break should be used between each paragraph. All authors/presenters should be listed with their associated organisations, and the presenting author shown in bold. If you wish to include references please use the (Author, Year) citation format in the abstract body and use a reference list style similar to that in the example reference list below.

Carrivick, J.L., Russell, A.J., Tweed, F.S., 2004. Geomorphological evidence for jökulhlaups from Kverkfjöll volcano, Iceland. Geomorphology 63, 81–102.

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